International Rose Test Garden

The International Rose Test Garden in Portland Oregon was started in 1917. It is the oldest continually operated public rose test garden in the United States. There are over 650 varieties and 10,000 Rose bushes. The scent in the air is heavenly. If only someone could bottle it up… Wait… That’s called perfume!

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Saddle mountain!

Another big hike today! Only 5 miles and 1,640 feet of elevation gain, but the hikes continually kick my butt. The Eastern Sierra are super duper challenging but the last few hikes here in Oregon have between pretty darn steep. But when I saw 3 kids under the age of 10 complete it… Well, the challenge was on!

A whole lot of picture taking was going on between Tim and I! Pretty cloudy up top, gotta go back. Wildflowers were amazing!

Friends, Kings, Masons, and peanut butter…

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What a great weekend! It started on Wednesday with a visit from my neighbors in Mammoth, Jeff and Kelly.

We hiked and ate pasta. What could be better?? Then on Friday my friend Kurt from Mammoth was also in town and we had a great dinner at Red Onion Thai on Northwest 23rd. No picture though… Bummer. On Saturday morning after the perfect almond croissant and coffee from St. Honor√© Bakery, it was time for a mild walk down the Wilson River trail. Tons of wildflowers.



Foxgloves!! If you don’t know how these are tied to Vincent Van Gogh… Click here




Sick and wrong!


Wild roses!!



My friend Tim and I decided that the hike was nice but we needed more of a challenge, so we headed for Kings mountain…


It is a 5 mile round trip hike with 2500 feet of elevation gain. This cat, bugs, did most of it, but in places where a rest was in order, hitchhiked on his owners shoulders. I tried to climb on Tim’s shoulders but he wouldn’t have it for some reason…


I thought this was Indian paintbrush but it’s something else…. Any guesses?


Bear grass… So cool


Bear grass up close…. Gorgeous




Gorgeous view from above with a curtain of rain approaching!


The ferns at the bottom of the trail were amazing… At least 4 feet tall. Very prehistoric looking!


Crazy looking mushroom…


Then it was onto McMennamins Grand Lodge. This was a Free Masons Lodge that was built in the 1920’s. The hidden details at the McMennamins properties are always so cool and fun to find.


The weekend was finished off with homemade bread and peanut butter a la Tim! The food processor that the peanut butter was made with took all of 3 minutes to whip up smooth creamy (or chunky if you prefer) peanut butter. Cinnamon was added to the peanut butter to give it a special kick! //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>check out food processor here!

The breadmaker that was used is quite the beaut! The bread was amazingly fluffy and the best part about it…you know what’s in your bread when you make it yourself. //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Check out breadmaker here!

I hope you had a great weekend too! 3