New Zealand…I mean Washington…I mean new Zealand… Olympic National Park!!

I just had a 3-day weekend and wasn’t sure what to do. At the very last minute I decided to head for the hills and check out Olympic National Park. It brought me to my days of exploring New Zealand and it absolutely overwhelmed me with its beauty. I’m so happy I went. I was only gone for 36 hours and on the drive home I knew I had a long drive ahead of me but I kept stopping and pulling over stopping and pulling over stopping and pulling over. There is so much beauty in the northwest corner in the state of Washington. And also if you’re Twilight fans… Yep that’s where I was. Forks and La Push. I did drive through Kurt Cobain’s birthplace, Aberdeen Washington. Very depressing there. Glad to have moved through that town fast. Alright enjoy my pictures! Also I must have gotten a little button pushing happy with my phone camera because halfway through my trip I had to reset my camera to the original settings and all was all right. I need to quit pushing buttons. But I will never quit pushing people’s buttons. It’s my thing.

There is a park dedicated to Kurt Cobain and I went under the bridge where he used to hang out and there was a homeless person passed out. 😪

Have a disability??

Wild hydrangea everywhere at Lake Quinalt.

Lake Quinalt

Ruby beach

Hoh rain forest. These pictures don’t capture the enormity of these moss covered maples.


This tree root was in the middle of the walking path through the moss-covered trees. Throughout the years people have stepped on it and it has worn down and the shiny beautiful wood beneath the bark has come through.

Hoh River

There was a heard of at least 10 with a calf.

First beach at La Push

La Push for all of you Twilight fans. Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Surfing lessons with massive wetsuits! I’d rather learn in Waikiki.

Lake Crescent. This place took my breath away. Reminded me so much of New Zealand and Europe.

La Push

Hurricane Ridge

Nature’s diamonds

Hurricane Ridge

East Beach of Lake Crescent

yes that is the color of the water

Lake Crescent Lodge. Dreamy.

Rialto Beach

so many perfect skipping rocks

rough-skinned newt. Good thing I didn’t eat him because I would have died.

her best side