I was once very close in proximity to Dubrovnik while visiting Medjugorje but didn’t visit this lovely city in 1999. That was “Pre” Game of Thrones obviously. I wish I had visited it then because it was a little crowded when I was there this time but well worth it none the less. What a gorgeous city it is. The walk around the top of the wall really gave me a feel of what the old town looked like. Always go to the highest area of a town immediately upon arrival to get a lay of the land. A woman told me that long ago while visiting New Zealand and I’ve never forgotten it.

I was inside of a midevil walled city! It didn’t take much to imagine what it must have been like long ago.

It is also well worth a walk to the bus station, beautiful cliffs and a gorgeous harbor to keep an adventurer well entertained.


Before sunrise

So my long time friend Markus and I have shared the love of the movie series… Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. He’s living in Vienna Austria where the first movie was filmed. There is a specific scene where Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are in a record store. Well Markus went running by the record store this morning and put a little note on the wall advertising my blog. So cool!! Thanks!!