Last day of my European vacation 😪

It was a great day, but I feel torn. I’d love to keep traveling but I’m excited to share Thanksgiving with family. So onward!! I was trying for an adventure this morning but it was a failed attempt due to the funicular not being open. My bad. So….I headed for the market!

patty locktov…. Gummies!!


So after a hard core nap, I went back to the market for lunch and sat down at this place. I knew the local Catalan dishes were made of beans and I saw a woman eating this so I said… I’ll have what she’s having. It was canelli beans and squid that I think was swimming 15 minutes before. It was absolutely amazing!! Best squid I’ve ever had. There were two Spanish business men next to me eating rabbit ribs who were trying to figure out the Catalan language. They were from La Coruña in the North. So cool to see men in suits eating at a market. The guy on the other side of me was from London and he ordered the same thing as me (he was super skeptical) and loved it. He said it was a very well known restaurant…..wellllll……

this was our waiter…. Owner… And had a book written about him!!!! I just happened upon this place. So awesome!!

i ended up going on an “uncensored” tour this afternoon. While it was interesting, I don’t think I’d do it again… Imagine a group of tourists walking through a street full of prostitutes, dodging pickpockets, sticking out like sore thumbs. Anyway…. This was a hole in a the wall of an orphanage…. Yep, you hand the baby through the hole when you don’t want it. You can also drop money in the slot to the left.

Picasso hung out here…. Right next to where the prostitutes hang out.

cool tiles….. That ended up being….

this huge mural!!

random church I walked by on the way to dinner

Finally the beach… Sand brought in from Egypt for the Olympics at barcalonetta beach. There was no beach before 1992.

And that’s all folks!!! Thanks for going on the ride with me!!


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