Ok part two of Toledo!

Where did I leave off….

typical breakfast of carbs….i mean tortila which I every day on the Camino!

throwing her trash directly into the trash truck!

they keep the city very clean!

this is st. Mary of the needles. It comes from an old legend but if you leave a needle, you will find a husband or wife to marry. St. Anthony has the same results. My mom always told us to pray for St. Anthony if we lost something. No wonder why I’m still single… I’ve been praying to him for a watch I lost a long time ago.

Arabic mosque

Roman Road below the mosque

ha ha ha….I didn’t realize this girl was in the picture! She looks pissed. Anyway…. Cool building.

the lottery man!!

the cathedral! If you walk through the middle door, it is an immediate ticket to heaven… Only Pope’s and important higher up can go in.

the convents used to close the streets off and claim them as their own by blocking them with doors. The city said… No more!

baklava for lunch! Went to a Syrian restaurant with some ladies because they were vegetarian. Give me jamón!

front door to where I’m staying

pams school!!

ifi had a college aged daughter, I would totally let her come here to go to school!!!

um yeah


old church made into a night club!!


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