Toledo day 1.5

I arrived in the most awesome town of Toledo España yesterday afternoon. My parents came here…62 years ago? My friend Pam studied for four months here in college. And I’m loving it. It’s a great relaxing break between city hopping.

Madrid atocha train station

Toledo train station


these Bay type windows are everywhere!

Camino de Santiago!!

from my morning walk outside the city this morning

Such a fortress!

at one time, Muslims, Jews, and Catholics were here… Always fighting….hmmm…. Still mosques, synagogues and churches everywhere.

my walk this morning

tortilla… Because I didn’t enough of this on the Camino

throwing her trash into the trash truck

they were everywhere today!

the miracle of the needles. people place pins and needles before the Virgin Mary in hope that she will find a soulmate for them. It’s a legend from a long time ago. My mom always told us to pray for St Anthony when we lost something in hopes of finding it. I have learned that St Anthony helps you find your soulmate also. this is the reason why I’m still single because I’ve been praying to st. Anthony to find a watch that I lost a long time ago.


Roman Road right beneath the mosque

hahaI didn’t realize this girl was in my picture. It’s in Arabic building and I thought it was cool. She doesn’t look impressed.

the Lottery man!

theCathedral. The big arch in the middle is only four important people to go through like the pope and higher-ups in the Catholic Church

a long time ago the convents used to close off the streets by putting doors on them… The city said…nah-uh… And opened the doors.

baklava at a restaurant I went to with two women from Ohio. They were mostly vegetarian…I skipped having dinner with them. Bring on the jamon!!

the front door to mi casa

ok the cathedral here is insane!!!!

el greco

supposedly Mary stood on this rock

40 pounds of gold to hold the holy Communion

Arabic influence

pammy….. Does this look familiar…

pam’s school!!

the girl in the doorway was an American going to school there and I told her you went there 30ish years ago!!! She was so happy!!

ummm…. Quite the knocker!!


old church turned into a concert hall!

Great day in Toledo!!


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