Last full day in Lisboa. I will be back!!

It was super rainy today but that didn’t stop me or the rest of the city. I went on a walking tour and a food tour… With a nap in between of course.

walking tour guide Anna. It’s free and they rely on tips. She got a big tip from me. Great job!

14th century church that somewhat survived the November 1st, 1755 earthquake.

cool plumbing

ginja in a chocolate cup

in the alfama district, a photographer started to take pictures of all of the people in the neighborhood who play a significant part of making it a community. She made our ginja.

cool art made out of cake pans

check out what is at the top… The Illuminati…..

so people sell a lot of drugs here… They sell baby powder, bullion cubes, oregano, and Bay leaves to make you believe you are getting… Cocaine, hashish, marijuana and… Bay leaves??

tired, windswept, and happy

i found out today that the government encourages graffiti and pays some of the artists!

our food tour leader Rita… So darn cute. She was explaining that after people eat sardines with their hands, their hands smell so they pull leaves off of Orange trees, rub them together and the fish smell goes away.

old people in the alfama selling alcohol. You can drink on the streets in Lisbon

Our food tour

cod fish cakes


Viñho verde

the only arches that withstood the earthquake of 1755.

grappa lit on fire in order to cook the chorizo

cheese honey and quince ham

explaining ginja and what it will do to you

yep… Even the monks. Dirty old man

best pastry ever. 70% beans. It took the pastry chef 4 years to perfect it. This is the only place you can get it.

we finished the night with pastel de nata…of course. Such a great tour. And Rita is the only employee besides the owners!!

Christmas lights on my walk home.

Portugal is a very safe country. I was out walking at night every night. Pick pockets are the only problem. I will be back for sure! I absolutely loved it. Now on to Toledo!!


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