Fatima, Batalhá, Nazaré & Obidos

Okay you can sit back in your seats because I know that you’ve been waiting on the edge of them wondering what I was going to be doing today. I went on a scheduled tour of all of the above places. I was thinking about renting a car and driving to some of these places but in the end it was probably the same price with no stress. The drivers of Portugal should be happy that I wasn’t on the road with them. Or maybe I should be the happy one!

Lisbon back in the day!

Factory in Fatima…I really can’t stand the commercialism that surrounds these religious places. Medjugorje is the same way.

Fatima… Nobody was there!

Little Chapel that you see in the background is the place where the Apparition happened in 1917.

i have absolutely no clue what these were. If they are a bunch of public bedets that’s absolutely disgusting.

church at batalha

proof that I am in Portugal

my most favorite part of the day! Nazare! Google that shit.

big guns

this Lighthouse is 100 feet up. The waves get that high.

we had the red snapper for lunch


streets of nazaré. The water will come to about here on big days.

cute door

Lifeguard… Didn’t look like he was going on the water anytime soon. The lighthouse is to his right… The waves get as high as that cliff.

Liquer made from Morello cherries

midevil walled City from 12th century of obidos. Destroyed in 1755 by earthquake but rebuilt.

back in Lisbon… My prayers were answered in Fatima. An escalator!

way cool graffiti in my neighborhood

I just learned that the president of Portugal is a total people’s president. he only has one bodyguard and when somebody asked him why he didn’t have six like the previous president his answer was that he grew up here and he feels comfortable with the people of Portugal and trust them. I guess you can YouTube him and he’s taking selfies with people on the beach excetera. they also just lowered the tuition of school in Portugal from 1200 Euros to 800 Euros for either a semester or a year… Can’t remember…because they want to encourage people to go to school and get an education. This is a very cool country. They are super harsh on drugs as well. But if you are addicted, they have rehab centers for people to get back on track. they also teach the value of having passion and hobbies in your life so you learn how to be happy first and how to have a good foundation before getting in trouble with drugs. They believe quality of life should be a priority. They seem to take pride in a happy life for everyone.


5 thoughts on “Fatima, Batalhá, Nazaré & Obidos

  1. So glad I could follow your blog today. Your Portugal trip is filled with many more adventures than we are having here in Maui. But we’re warmer!! Have so much fun.


  2. Hi Stace! So fun to see all these beautiful places that you are visiting. I love all the old stone cobbles. It’s great that you are still traveling and seeing the world. Wishing you safe and happy journeys! ~ Christine


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