Spending the day in Lisboa and Belem!

Today I decided to lay low after a big day yesterday and an even bigger day tomorrow. Curiosity piqued?! Stay tuned. That’s how I get my followers to hang onto the edge of their seats.

so today it rained on and off… Guess what happens when these tiles get wet… Yep.. slippery as all get out. I saw some people go down hard. I was walking like a penguin all day long.

this is the Tower at Belem just outside of Lisbon. Super beautiful but I didn’t go inside because the woman didn’t have change for a €20. And it was near noon! Give me a break!

i was so stoked to find this one on my own!! I want to find the others he has around town.

jeronimos monastery is beautiful from the outside but it was raining and the line outside was long so…waaaah.

this was my most important find. When I was in Porto I took the pastel de nata class. So this is the pasteis de belem… Completely different (tasted similar to me) and if you call it a pastel de nata, it’s an insult. Only 4 people know the recipe….4!!!!

ok now that I’m a pro at these… This is a beautiful work of art. Every single one is handmade. Even the pastel de nata are also. No factories in all of Portugal.

such cool streets

dizzying tile everywhere! I saw some guys fixing some tile on the sidewalk and they were actually chipping away at the squares to make them fit properly.

the nondescript bottle of wine is so cool. Refillable.

the best

my tablemates at lunch today. It was family style seating. No we didn’t say a word to each other.

rossio district

The buildings are amazing!!

a note on the wall of the restaurant where I was eating tonight. Cracked me up.

doesn’t look like much but it was figs prosciutto and serra cheese… Yum!!

and I have come to the conclusion that if a person lives in Lisbon they have to be in shape and not old. It’s not a city for the faint of heart. The city probably has over 1000 set of stairs and 7 hills. It’s the San Francisco of Europe.


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