Sintra Portugal!!

I’m a day late with this because I stayed out listening to Fado late last night like a local!

Yesterday I booked a trip through Airbnb experiences to the town of sintra. It was A Day to Remember! Kaike, the cute little Brazilian guide we had from “keep it local” tours, took us to many cool places! And yes I was old enough to be all of their mothers.

i thought this was a crazy picture just because in the old days, the man getting his shoes shined would be reading a newspaper… Now it’s a phone!

first stop…quinta de regaleira in sintra. Gorgeous place with a narcissistic owner. His monogram was everywhere!! Why not!? If it’s yours. Gorgeous gardens.

because we were with this tour we got to park in the driveway of somebody’s summer home. Very good first impression for this company!

this is a chapel on the grounds of the Palacio. From the outside it looks very Christian but on the inside it’s incredibly Pagan even with the eye and triangle of the Illuminati as you walk under the front door.

the Illuminati!! And I’m reading Dan browns latest book!!


this well was so incredibly cool and what’s at the bottom… Triangles… Illuminati!

Sheila from California (Philippines), Camille from New York (studying abroad in London), Laura from Latvia, kaike from Brazil

chestnuts! Roasted chestnuts are huge here.

where the lighthouse is… The most Western tip of Europe. Cabo de roca

this area is usually a beautiful beach. The waves are huge. You can kind of see a little bit of an outline in the wave just below the restaurant near the shore. That’s actually a saltwater pool and it was completely submerged.

View of Lisbon from an abandoned convent. You can see some of the burned areas on the hill from the fires this summer.

cascais area

the abandoned convent.

fresh water from a natural spring

this is the Mistresses House of Pena Palace. there is supposedly a tunnel that goes from the palace to her house. Kaike’s friend works at Pena Palace and everyone who works there is trying to locate the tunnel.

Pena Palace.

this was a perfect way to end a great day! Beautiful pastries called queijada. I spelled it wrong in the picture. I highly recommend “keep it local tours”.


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