Oporto a Lisboa

Today I traveled via train from Porto to Lisbon. I talked to a guy from Taiwan and his friend from New York who was scary smart. Only 32 and she’s worked all over South East Asia and now she’s working in the European market in publishing. Great conversation!

Arrived in Lisbon at my Airbnb apartment which is great but I don’t know if the neighborhood is considered sketchy or not. Hey… It was only $85 for 5 nights! That’s after one of my superhost coupons I earned!! (Insert Wonder woman emoji here)

if this was my mother and she knew I took this picture… She’d have my head on a platter for dinner!

porto in the fall

porto train station

there is no way in hell I would drive these around here with all of the cobblestones and slick tiles and crazy drivers and narrow streets. Ok now they don’t seem so bad in Portland.

oi…. My ankle is crying

My front door

outside my front door…#dontworrymomimfine (that’s really an Instagram account). Besides nature rules… That morning Glory should have the wall covered in… Three days

a castle at the end of my street!

famous tram 28

there was a woman with her 9 year old daughter waiting for the tram and they were from Buenos Aires. I was speaking to them in the little Spanish I know and I said to them in Spanish that I speak like a 2 year old baby and the 9 year old said…yes and with an American accent….ha!!

alfama district

yummy desserts everywhere

fado singer at dinner… Very emotional


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