Oporto… Day 2!

It was really my first full day and was it certainly full! After sleeping for 12 hours because I slept 2 in the previous 24, I was off to check it all out!!

this cat must have had his claws dug into the hood of the car… Slightly downsloping

tile everywhere!

i will never get tired of the streets in Europe

this bridge was built by the guy who did the Eiffel tower!

duoro River bridge cruise

when in Rome….port in Porto at the oldest port place in Porto…1638

i did not partake in this type of tasting! Only one glass.

roasted chestnuts

i just happened upon this when some women were saying… There’s the rabbit! I honestly may not have seen it!! Incredible art… Zoom in. I guess the artist has street art all over Lisbon. Looks like all recycled objects.

jamon to go!

salted cod!! More salt than I’ve had in a year, but super tasty!

zoom in… Buttons!!

tasty cakes!!

bookstore where jk Rowling would write

amazing staircase

my sweet little apartment! Thanks to me for being an Airbnb superhost, this place cost me $25 for two nights… Would have been $125 for two nights. There’s a cool bedroom too.

i also got a $25 certificate to take a class through Airbnb experiences and learned how to make pastel de nata. Great time! It was in this girl’s parents’ restaurant. She has 4 airbnbs that she manages and she does two different cooking classes. She made $200 tonight just on us… It was $20 each. Then the income from the Airbnb. Not bad for a 28 year old. I’m quiting my job and sending for my cat.

the pastel de nata’s that we made… Custardy goodness in a homemade puff pastry.

enjoying the fruits of our labor

so much fun!!

porto at night! Beautiful city!!


built in concrete water bowl holder!!

Great City!! I’ll be back someday soon!!


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