So I went to Marrakesh tonight…

But people who I work with are saying… Yeah right.. Just saw you a couple of hours ago. I went to the Moroccan restaurant in Portland called Marrakesh! So yummy!

My friend Sean was in town from Seattle and I gave him a list of restaurants to choose from. I was secretly hoping that he would choose Marrakesh because I have found after living here for a year that the restaurants that have the most flavor are the ethnic restaurants. I would say that that goes for anywhere in the world. Recently I have become a lover of different spices. Ethiopian, Lebanese and Iraqi food are some of my most recent favorites. I can now add Moroccan.

I was also very excited to go to the restaurant because they have belly dancing. Sean came to my house tonight and announced that he was very excited to participate and he even shaved his belly for the occasion. I’m still pretty sure he was joking… I think.

And now for some of the pictures of the food. Five courses for $21.95. Such a great restaurant!

The waitress washed our hands at the table before our meal.

B’stilla Royale… Filo dough with powdered sugar, filled with ground chicken. Yummy!! We also had a salad and lentil soup.

Eggplant and lamb….to. die. for.

She sprinkled essence of Orange Blossom on our hands before we drank tea with a fruit dessert that was mixed with cinnamon and cardamom.

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