Kayaking on the Willamette

Last Sunday I went on a little adventure with a friend of mine. I was paddleboarding and she was kayaking. Good thing we were both wearing life preservers because she doesn’t know how to swim. It was a great time and once again, my isle stand up paddleboard withstood the test of time! If you’re interested in this paddleboard, click here (Part of the affiliate program…I will get a commission).

I’ve owned mine for about 2 years now. I thoroughly enjoy the ease of use. I can carry it on my back with the backpack type carrying case and I bought an electric pump that makes blowing it up an absolute breeze. It plugs into the cigarette lighter in my car so while it’s inflating, I can gather other gear. A wise investment!!!


4 thoughts on “Kayaking on the Willamette

  1. How cool to discover another Portlandian blogger 😉! I always wanted to do some kayaking/SUP on the Willamette, but so far never found time….sigh….with 26 trips to the Rose City under my belt that’s actually a shame…have a nice and sunny weekend! Marcus


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