Just walking home from work…

Last November I moved to a part of Portland that is pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a neighborhood but didn’t know it until I got here. I can walk to 50+ restaurants, be in one of America’s largest urban parks in five minutes, and carry my cat in my arms to the vet five houses away. Everything is incredibly accessible. The other day, I was making some jam (it was simmering on the stove) and I needed another lemon for the pectin part of the recipe so I literally walked 300 feet from my door to the corner convenience store to make my purchase. And my house didn’t burn down! I can also walk to work.

It’s about 3 miles from my house and super pleasant to be able to walk through the city while it’s still waking up. The streetcars are just coming out of their garages and a few people here and there are cruising the streets with coffee in hand.

Tonight on my walk home from work, Portland’s First Thursday Art Walk was happening. It was great to leisurely stroll into galleries on my way home. Wine and cheese and a very eclectic artsy group of people made for an entertaining walk home. A nice ending to a nice day at work.

Random gallery I walked into…

Jameson fountain on 9th. The pigeons were thoroughly enjoying themselves. During the hot summer months, Portland encourages people to play in the fountains around the city. The kids love it!

I will never get tired of the flowering trees in this city. Spring was gorgeous!!

Portland has some of the coolest houses!

And finally, I’ve come across two houses now that have little covered stands in their front yard with poems in them that are free to take. So cool! Tonight’s poem.


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